2018 Financials Released for Association

Below is the income and expense report for the calendar year 2018 ending December 31.2018. This only represents our first 6 months of existence. July 1, 2018 through December 31 ,2018

Our financial and tax reporting is on a calendar year basis and will be reported that way each year.

However, since we are a seasonal based association we are running the association on what is a July 1 through June 30th basis.

Why? The majority of our revenues start coming in during the summer months and most of our expenses are during the same period.

During our first 6 months ,in 2018 ,we did not enjoy  revenue from sponsors. This calendar year has been good with business sponsors helping  with their financial donations.  These revenues will be illustrated when we post our financials next winter..

Our next report will be produced most likely in late February 2019 reflecting our first full calendar year income and expenses.

Thanks to all of members.

Jay I Weintraub  , President

Irv Schultz , Treasurer

Income sources7/1/2018 through 12/31/201812/31/2019
Membership dues $                                                               7,665.00
Sponsors n/a
Total Income $                                             7,655.00
Bank Fees $                                                                   156.19
Legal Fees $                                                                   400.00
Community Eventsn/a
CPR Classes n/a
Bike Safety Event n/a
Beach Clean up n/a
Ross school rental $                                                                   168.00
Event Insurance liability $                                                                   104.49
Postal mailing Service $                                                                   160.25
Printing and copying $                                                                   194.69
Web site expense and support $                                                               1,626.98
Total Expenses $                                             2,810.60
Net year end balance 12/31/2018 $                                        4,844.40



2 thoughts on “2018 Financials Released for Association”

  1. 1. Why is the parking spots at the Golf place still blocked off as of July 22, 2019 with cones. I thought it was agreed to have 3 parking spaces!

    2. More bike racks at Lucy/Life Guard Stand. Not enough and get filled up on weekends.

    3. Part-time residents need to be able to vote!

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