Fall Update from the Board

Your association will be working hard this winter to keep you informed of city matters and our projects.

The board is meeting in a few weeks to plan for this winter and into next summer season. We are starting a board of trustees. We are hoping an attorney will join us to help with legal guidance. Your help is always needed.

We will be setting a date for a public meeting in the near future. The meeting is open to ALL who own homes or rent in Margate.

Your Association has had a great start with over 300 dues paying members and over 600 people following us on Facebook in just over three months!

Through your efforts , participation and the work of our volunteers your voices are growing stronger every day. Our presence is seen and felt at every commissioners and planning board meeting.

Our city administration is listening as evidenced by some changes we have seen recently. We hope to build our relationship with the city to greater heights as our association grows in numbers.

We are open to hear your suggestions and concerns.

Please share with your friends and family who we are and help us to bring on additional members and make your voices even stronger.

Visit us at www.margatehomeowners.com

Best wishes for a wonderful year end and holiday season.

Margate Homeowners Association of NJ board

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