Flood waters and Sandy still have you down?

We are a community of homeowners who enjoy seaside living. Living so close to the Atlantic Ocean, we have also gotten more than our fair share of problems.

We don’t have to stretch our memories very far to remember the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought us just a few short years ago. In an attempt to relieve us of the problems caused by flooding, the Army Corps of Engineers, (in their infinite wisdom), decided that our flooding problem was caused by the ocean rather than the bay. This decision brought about the federally financed dune project, which was forced on us by our Federal and State governments.

As residents and homeowners of Margate, we could have told them that our problems with flooding water comes from the bay, not the ocean. Did they ask us? No, they did not.

As a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, the home values have plummeted at the Jersey Shore. There are still many people who are not back in their homes! The problem of flooding is not unique to the Jersey Shore. The Midwest and Miami have had similar “water problems”.  In Miami, property values have dropped when the property is located on the water while inland home values have increased.

Many of our neighbors have “thrown in the towel” and have chosen not to rebuild. Property taxes have increased as the population has decreased due to homeowners who don’t have the funds required to make the corrections needed to prevent the damage done by Sandy from recurring.

People have looked elsewhere for vacation homes, not wanting to risk another occurrence like Sandy. The financial impact due to the loss of shore residents has hit all businesses in our town very hard.


Currently we are in the process of working to help achieve an increase in the amount of National Flood Insurance available to our residents to a level that would provide adequate funding to our neighbors to make the necessary improvements on their properties to avoid losses like those we have experienced in the past.

If you have a story about problems you’ve had in renovating your property pertaining to this issue, please share them with us at the Margate Homeowners Association. We are hoping to be able to put you in touch with people who might be able to help.


4 thoughts on “Flood waters and Sandy still have you down?”

  1. Virginia Mercaldo

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that someone is taking this matter seriously. You are so right about the Army engineers. They fought the homeowners on the beach while ignoring the bay where people actually needed their help. Is it possible to dredge the bay making space for the water. Is it possible to install one way valves allowing water to flow out, but not in? It seems that nothing is being done to alleviate the flooding. I am so tired of cleaning up the toxic mess. Thank you for your efforts

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write to us. We are trying hard to advocate for all in Margate .
      The water issue is a mess and we are all effected by the water buildup. The city is trying to get the right to dredge the back bay but not so much for the water problem.
      They want to allow a developer to build a water park on Amherst Ave and other venues.It will benefit a very small few and hurt many many more. You need to come to a commissioners meeting and voice your concerns. They may listen??????

  2. Virginia Mercaldo

    Thanks for your response Jay. When is the next commissioners meeting and where is it held?

  3. I heard that Margate and Ventnor have gotten money to fix the pumps to the bay. Can the MHA verify this? We should prioritize fixing the flooding problems before spending money on a boardwalk or waterpark. The flooding affects everyone, not just a few neighborhoods because it impacts insurance rates for living in Margate.

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