Margate Homeowners offering CPR Class

The MHA is planning to organize a class for all of Margate.

The class will be a CPR/First Responders class. Classes will be held on a Saturday or multiple Saturday mornings starting this May.

We can organize two classes and need your feed back and level of interest so we can determine which class to offer to the public and our members.

Class one would be a class for CPR training for child and adult training from the American Heat Association.There will be a nominal fee for MHA members of $10.00 and $20.00 non members.

The other class would be an American Red Cross certified class for those who need or want certification for their careers or just want to be certified. The cost of this program would be between $65.00 to $85.00 depending on class size. There will be a discounted price for MHA members.

The question is ….If you,a family member or friend was in need of CPR can you do it or can the people around you help you if necessary?

Please share with us your level of interest

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