MHA Board Meeting Minutes Sept 2022

Minutes from Margate Homeowners Association Board Meeting September 2022 via ZOOM.

Attending: Jay Weintraub, Marc Auch, David Grossman, Joel Goldwein, Calvin Tesler, Ilene Isleman, and Robert Davis.

Jay Weintraub called the meeting to order.

The Treasurer, Dr. Joel Goldwein, reported that there was no activity in the bank and at the current time our assets totaled $11,250.00.

An Open Discussion then took place with the goal being the formation of a list of candidates to run against the three current commissioners whose seats will be up for election next May.

Jay Weintraub then announced that he will be stepping down as President of MHA effective April 30th, 2023.

Also stepping down are Marc Alch and David Grossman. Once again, the Board affirmed the previously made decision that Dr. Joel Goldwein should succeed Jay as President. Jay and marc have agreed to remain in an advisory /Trustee capacity for at least one year to help Joel adapt to his new job.

The Board affirmed the previously made decision that Dr. Joel Goldwein should succeed Jay as President contingent on the filling of the soon to be vacated board positions. As per our By Laws, Joel’s ascension to President is contingent upon a vote of YES by the then board.

It was also resolved that the current Board Members will remain in office until 4/30/2023. The current Board should be active in helping to recruit new Board Members for MHA.

Prior to the official opening of the meeting with the Board members and Trustees the Board was introduced to John Pitts who is a relatively new resident of our community who has expressed his desire to become an active participant in MHA activities.

John shared with us his background and his desire to help the MHA. After John asked us questions and we asked questions about him we thanked John for joining us and that we would have a discussion and vote as a group for his acceptance as a trustee.

The Board was impressed with Mr. Pitts and unanimously voted to bring him onboard as a Trustee with the goal to elevate him over time as Board Member once he has “learned the ropes.”

A general discussion was then brought up about the MHA running our third annual holiday food drive. The date for the Food Drive either around Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

Jay challenged all members to come up with ideas for enhancing our community presence and to create programs to benefit all in Margate.

The next Board Meeting was scheduled for 10/12/2022. At 3:30 pm. Jay will send out Zoom invitations. The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bob Davis. Secretary

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