MHA Letter To Margate Commissioners; Bocca Essex Ave Shut-Down

I sent the following e mail to all three Margate Commissioners.

Last summer I applauded the measures our Commissioners took to help our Margate busineses make it through a terrible time.

Blocking Essex Ave was a great idea during a time Bocca needed help.

I understand that a Consent order was pushed through with no Community input or debate to allow Bocca to block the street again this summer?

I am concerned with the consent order to allow Bocca to again block off Essex Ave for the summer.

Why is the city of Margate entering into an agreement with a private enterprise to help that business increase their revenues?
That is what Margate did!

Bocca has little cost with added capacity and increased revenues.

If Bocca did well prior to the Covid crisis, they should be fine now. Last year I was all for this when we were in the middle of our Covid crisis and we all wanted to see our businesses survive.

Why preferential treatment this year? Why are we the tax payers helping Bocca to increase the bottom line at the expense of the Quiet Enjoyment the homeowners on and around Essex Ave are entitled to enjoy.

Why create a problem for those who live on the street and people driving in Margate?

This was a bad decision for many in Margate. Yet it favors just one business. At the expense of many.

This decision needs to be reversed. Commissioners sometimes make poor decisions.

I firmly believe this is a poor decision.

2 thoughts on “MHA Letter To Margate Commissioners; Bocca Essex Ave Shut-Down”

  1. Start an on line petition. The people in charge of the city should be protecting the home owners / taxpayers. Get a lawyer. The street is for the public good. Boca doesn’t own the street.

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