MHA Meeting with Margate Mayor Becker

We met with the Mayor early today. We also presented at this afternoon’s meeting who we are as an association in front of our Mayor , commissioners and other city department heads.

We must let you know that part of our beach problem has to do with the Army Corps of Engineers not turning over the beach to Margate for the city to maintain.They must complete the project in the fall and then it will fall on Margate to maintain.

However, with that said I was told that the city will do all it can to scrape the sand off the up and down walkways on the dunes. They also said they will drop whatever gravel they have on hand to make it easier for all to traverse the dunes. We can expect this work to start tomorrow.

The city engineer also addressed our concerns regarding bike racks. They are in the process of getting us racks now and there are additional racks to be brought in. We were told that the process is slow through State and county government.

Here is the good news. We were heard and respected. One step at a time.

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