MHA Newsletter Jan 2019

Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey

2018 saw the emergence of your much needed homeowners association.
The vison of your board members and trustees is to make Margate a better place to live and visit.
Our collective voices are getting stronger and our hope is that our city officials will listen as we speak as a group of concerned citizens.

Last April a small group of 4 people met for coffee to discuss how we can help to make Margate better for all. We decided to create an association for all homeowners and those who rent and live in Margate. Our goals were to create community events and have our voices heard by city officials who many believe were being ignored.

We began our organization with weekly meetings and over the next two months we formulated our future plans. On a Saturday morning late in June we rolled out our first public meeting at the Ross School. We expected and hoped that maybe 100 people would join us. We never expected that well over 325 concerned people would attend our meeting. Talk about excitement. You came and listed to us and we listened to you.

We contacted the Mayor to discuss your immediate concerns and the city stepped up and helped with temporary bike racks at our beach entrances. The city stepped up again and tried their best to clean up the walkways over our dunes and to place the Mobi mats where they could even though it was the responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers responsibilityy to do so.

Many of you had concerns regarding the Commissioners attempt to change the beaches around Lucy and to allow building onto the beaches. You mobilized as a group and well over 300 concerned citizens attended and packed the Old Historic Building during the commissioners meeting and the commissioners ,once they saw your outrage, pulled that matter from discussion and said it was defeated. YES YOU WERE HEARD!

We are so fortunate to have community members helping us and working hard to inform us and share with you information of the upcoming Planning Board and Commissioners meetings and the agendas for these meetings.

Our Facebook page has grown with over 700 people reading what you have to share and our information.

Our steps have been great for a new organization and getting bigger .stronger and we have accomplished so much in just over six months.

On Saturday February 16th at 10:00 AM at the Margate Library we will be having our 1st public meeting of 2019.Please join us to hear our plans for the upcoming year and to share with us your ideas and concerns.

We do need volunteers and would like to add an additional trustee.

We are excited about our upcoming year and summer will be here soon. YAHOOOOOO! Warm weather.

We would like to wish all of our friends and members a happy and healthy new year.

We are looking for a future partnership with our city officials and not a fight. Let’s fight together not against each other. We can make a difference.

Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey Board
Jay I Weintraub President
Marc Alch First Vice President
Linda Novelli Second Vice President
David Grossman Treasurer
Justin Abate Secretary
Anthony Merendino Trustee

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  1. My name is Barry Sherman,I live on Amherst Ave.and we are concerned about the water park they want to build.Without any input from the residents who live in the marina area.Noise pollution,no additional parking or sanitation facilities for all of the people it would draw in.Portapotties are to be placed on public sidewalks.We could really use your help in our struggle.

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