MHA Raises Funds for PPE at Shore Memorial Hospital

In an effort to support healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis, the Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) quickly raised more than $3600 for personal protective equipment (PPE) at Shore Memorial Hospital.


It took less than 24 hours for MHA membership to raise the funds through a campaign launched on its website. The organization matched donations dollar-for-dollar on the first $1000.


“Shore Memorial Hospital had asked the community for donations of PPE in preparation for an influx of COVID-19 patients.  We knew we wanted to help,” said MHA President Jay Weintraub.


MHA membership is actively putting the contributions to work, sourcing disposable gloves, bouffant caps and sanitation gowns.


“Our team is going out to medical supply houses and online retailers to buy these products as fast as we can get them,” Weintraub explained.


The online fundraiser will remain active if people still want to contribute. Anyone can donate by going to


In addition to this fundraiser, MHA has delivered food trays to Margate police and firefighters as a show of appreciation for the work they do every day, but especially during this unprecedented crisis in our nation’s history.

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