MHA to make a change to Facebook page

The Margate Homeowners Association Board has made a decision to make our Facebook page exclusive to our dues paying members.

In the next two weeks we will be culling the names of our dues paying members and ONLY allowing dues paying members to post and make comments on the MHA page.The page will go private.

After this Facebook page was open to all to participate after answering 4 questions, we have decided to make it special for you.

Membership has it’s privileges.

We intend to monitor the comments more closely as compared to the past 18 months and will delete what we feel is slanderous,hurtful, redundant and bullying comments. We appreciate opposing points of view on subjects that effect our town of Margate , NJ.

We would ask that your comments stay on course as to the post that is prompting you to comment.

IE: I love the long beach and sunsets.  Comment : I hate the Golf Course. That comment that is not pertaining to the original post will be eliminated.    Stay on track and respond to the ” I love the beach and sunsets.”   Just an example.

We may not get to those comments immediately since we are not sitting and watching Facebook all day long. However, we will review and make deletions  as needed. We are not intending to censure but keep our page respectful for  all of our members.

The board will review all of the posts that you ask us to publish.

We hope that as we grow and learn we will make this association better for all of us.

MHA Board

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