MHA Update. Hotel Overlay Zone Defeated.

We are happy to report that we are ready to past the 300 paid member mark of our association. WOW!

This is due in part to recent City of Margate issues, concerns and fears. Examples: A possible Amherst Avenue water park. A not so mini golf course and the proposed Ordinance 17-2018 which addresses the Beach overlay and Hotel /condo.

Why not join us? All homeowners and renters want a voice. The MHA gets all voices heard. Margate City officials are forced to listen. After a few short months, the MHA track record is already strong.

Please join an association that represents all Margate taxpayers and residents. JOIN HERE.

Regarding the September 20, 2018 Commissioners meeting, there were in excess of 250 concerned citizens gathered. The crowd overflowed into the lobby and out onto the street. Yeah, this was a big deal.

The meeting was focused on the proposed City Ordinance 17-2018 which would have allowed high rise development in the beach block neighborhoods adjacent to Lucy the Elephant, including building onto the beach.

Because of many local organizations including the Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey, the Mayor and Commissioners SMARTLY killed the proposed ordinance 17-2018.

For now, we all need to be aware and vigilant looking for a new version of an ordinance.

Thanks to all the hard work of so many local organizations including, The Island House, 9600, Margate Towers, Ivory Beach. The Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey and many passionate taxpayers, all of us were instrumental in getting the Mayor and Commissioners to kill this ordinance.

This is a prime example of your membership dollars in action.

Please listen below to audio from the Commissioners meeting of September 20th 2018. Hear what was said and come to your own conclusions.

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