Mobi-Mats and Web Developer

The board met again on Thursday. We met with our web site designer. We are hoping to go live very soon.

We also discussed and are looking into having a fun evening get together. This will enable all of our members and friends to meet .

In addition I spoke to the head of the public works department who is doing all he can for now to help make the walkways over the dunes easier to travel this summer.

Mobi mats were also discussed. Slow progress but progress it is. Recently our Homeowners association was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer in a recent article involving Beach mobi mats.

Our voice is growing louder since we are now recognized as a solid group.

With your support we are now a stronger voice in Margate and in the media. We need more people to join our Association and with hard work by you and your board we will grow in strength. Soon we will be asking you to help us form committees for additional projects we are planning.

Look for more information soon. We are rolling!

Jay Weintraub

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