Recap of last Saturday’s Association meeting

Margate Homeowners Association 2nd General Meeting a huge success!

On Saturday August 25th the association held it’s 2nd public meeting. The meeting was attended by well over 100 residents.

Jay I Weintraub opened the meeting bringing the attendees up to date on our progress. Jay shared with the audience how we are progressing on our membership drive. Jay stated that in just 7 weeks we have had 241 people register and pay their annual dues on line or through direct mailing of membership forms to our PO box. “Our goal is to have over 1100 members within the next two years and it appears we are well on our way to achieving that goal.”

Jay went on to further describe our meeting with the Mayor and our attendance at Commissioners meetings. Through your association’s efforts we were able to have The City of Margate help us by clearing the sand from the dune walkways and to have Mobi mats installed wherever the city could from the bulkhead to the dunes. It was explained to Marc Alch and Jay Weintraub by the Mayor that until the Army Corps of Engineers completes the beach project this fall, everyday maintenance of our beaches is still in the hands of the Corps. However, realizing the problem we had with our beaches the Mayor stepped up and directed the city employees to help and correct this problem.

We also discussed the problem of bike racks at the bulk heads or lack there of and the Mayor had the city employees install temporary racks to the bulkheads. Why Temporary? We were told by the city engineer that Margate and Ventnor were working on a project and grants that will provide racks for both cities and other public projects that we should see next year.

A hot topic was addressed by Weintraub regarding the Aqua Park that was announced by Adan Joseph of 6 ABC news last weekend, that will be opening in Margate. While the association is not for or against the project Weintraub shared that the Mayor called him and asked to be quoted with saying” The City of Margate does not have any proposals, permits, planning board meetings or Commissioners meeting scheduled to address this matter.” The Mayor was truthful with his statement. However, we have come to learn through local reporting agencies that there have been discussions off the record and a marina front property was just recently purchased at 9420 Amherst Ave by Maggie Day who is married to or the significant other of Tom Tice who owns the aqua park company. Maggie Day also told our sources that she has not submitted any forms to Margate but they are vigorously pursuing Federal, state and then local approval to move forward with this project.

It was also revealed by our sources that the property has changed hands three times over the past 9 years. Sold for $75,000 in 2009, Purchased by Penny Lane Associates LLC. In 2016 it was sold to 9420 Amherst LLC for $150,000. Then purchased in March of this year by Maggie (Margaret) Day for $365,000 just about the same time the zoning ordinance for that area was changed. Coincidence?

Later on in the meeting Weintraub introduced Marc Alch ,1st VP ,who addressed our beach progress. He also discussed his recent meeting with our police commissioner Wolfson and our association’s concerns regarding Adams Ave truck passage despite the clearly marked and visible signs stating NO TRUCKS. The Chief is aware of the problem and finds it difficult to enforce because the trucks need a wide turning radius and the need to keep our streets going in different directions to keep residents from having to drive three blocks to reach their homes.

He also shared the Police Commissioner’s desire to have only two lanes on Atlantic Ave with center turning lanes and larger bike lanes. The current city Mayor and commissioners do not support this idea.

The Police Commissioner has clearly stated they he is looking forward to do all he can to work with the homeowners of Margate.

Linda Novelli ,2nd VP, discussed possible social events for our organization and by a show of hands well over 2/3 of our attendees were in favor of an event for next June. Linda asked for volunteers to help.

Our secretary, Gina Battaglini discussed our drive to ask local businesses to support our website through nominal donations. Gina. Stated that all sponsors will have their business logos posted at our website with links to connect directly to their business websites. Gina also asked for volunteers to help with this effort.

Our treasurer, Dave Grossman shared with the attendees our finances and how your dues are being spent to develop and maintain our website, startup costs which includes the registration of a 501 ( c ) 3 organization, printing ,domain registration and other costs. He also reminded our audience that we need the support of all in our community.

At this point Weintraub took questions from the attendees regarding Margate matters and how we can make a difference as a group.

The floor was then opened up to our attendees to share their concerns and ideas. About 6 people spoke and your board has written down your ideas and concerns and we will be moving forward with the issues that we can present to our city commissioners and Mayor.

One of our members was concerned with the lack of notice and transparency suggested that Margate adopt a system similar to those in Northampton Pa. and other surrounding Jersey areas. Post online, in plain English, not in legalese, well in advance what the topics of discussion will be at our Commissioners and Planning Board meetings for all of Margate to see. Why do notices go out just 10 days prior to a meeting and only to those who own property within 200 feet of the property to be discussed. What if you live 201 feet from the property or a property that will have an effect on all of Margate?

Weintraub and all of the board members spoke and clearly stated that it is the intent of this association to be a proactive force in our community and to make Margate a better place to live and visit while making our voices stronger as a group. Transparency is key!


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