Report From Commissioners Meeting March 21st

My wife and I and our neighbor went to the meeting last night to address the concerns of most Margate citizens over Memorial Day weekend. We also wanted to get more information regarding the bike rack delay. 
The racks could be ready at the earliest in August if the stars align properly. Just seems to be a never ending battle when you are getting money from the government so we just have to wait. 
Memorial Day weekend will probably be like the last several years BUT the police captain has assured us that they are going to have more man power to hopefully keep things better than in the past. He would also like the residents of Margate to be responsible and be proactive meaning if you see a problem call 911 sooner rather than later so they can address the situation. The captain also mentioned that people having homes with teenagers to also be responsible for their kids—grandkids and their friends. We all must try to work together so that things don’t get out of hand. 
The last thing I want to mention is the lack of turn out for this meeting. The MHA can ONLY DO SO MUCH to help address and try to correct your concerns. We always need help to get things done and we need your support whether it be making important phone calls- coming to meetings to make your voices heard-or paying dues and joining this association. 

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