On Thursday September 20th our Mayor and Commissioners will be meeting at 4 PM. One of the topics that will come up for a vote is the new ordinance that will create a  Hotel/condo overlay for the 7 block area in and around where Lucy stands today. This could open the door for the privatization of our beaches.The public will have an opportunity to voice it’s concerns or support of the ordinance. The commissioners will then vote on the matter.  We would strongly suggest that all attend this meeting and let our commissioners know your point of view. If you do nothing you may get a result that you will not like. This could make a dramatic change to our residential community of Margate.

During three Facebook informal polls this past week the votes were over 310 against and 7 for.


  1. You should have a link to polls on this website.
    Hotel zone/Lucy
    Some of homeowners Assn is on Facebook. Some is here on website.
    Thursday at 4 pm I’m still at work in philly so I cannot come to commissioner meetings.
    Thanks for giving a voice to margate resident and non resident homeowners!!

    Howard Zipin

    1. Thanks Howard. We are still going through our growing pain period, As you know we are only three months old. Some of the immediate issues we are dealing with is how to better communicate with all of our members. We also need members to step up and volunteer for committees. We have an e mail system and we are working out some kinks so we can begin to sending out e mail to our paid members. I hope to have that working in the next two days.
      Thanks so much for your support and understanding
      Jay I Weintraub,President

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