VIDEO: MHA Webcast with Margate Chief of Police

MHA Spring Meeting 2022.

Margate Homeowners Association Meeting featuring Chief of Police, Matt Hankinson.

MHA Meeting Agenda for May 28th at 10:00 am

  • Marc Alch 1st VP. David Grossman
  • 2nd VP, Joel Goldwein Treasurer
  • Robert Davis secretary.

Our 4th year as an organization representing ALL local taxpayers, full time residents, 2nd homeowners and renters of in Margate NJ.


Access Passcode: =y0@Vm5n

  • We have brought to Margate a connection between city official and the community. They may NOT  always love us, but they know we are here.
  • MHA helped change Atlantic Ave to a safer street for all.
  • Bike safety program with help of Commissioner John Amodeo and police department.
  • Beach cleanup program.
  • Food drives. We raised over $7,000.00 in donations and over 350 cases of food that was donated to the Jewish Family Services Food bank to feed those in our community who were in need during tough times during Covid crisis.
  •  We need to thank IIlene Inselman for her great efforts during our last food drive. She worked so hard and was AWESOME!
  • MHA brought food trays to show our gratitude and to support our Police and Fire Departments.
  • Donated a few thousand dollars worth of goods to help our senior citizens living in the Seashore Gardens Living Center.

We are pushing Commissioners to move their meetings to a later time so more can attend.

We repeatedly requested that meetings be made available through ZOOM online platform. So far, they will not change. MHA will keep trying.

Joel Goldwein, Treasurer report.

 March will appeal for new people to volunteer for Trustee positions or Board positions, When Marc is finished he will introduce the Chief and ask everyone to stay on after the Chief is finished for additional community information and Q and A.

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