Welcome Our New Board Member

One of our founding board members Gina Battaglini was a great help in getting this association started. Unfortunately Gina was not able to continue as our Secretary due to personal matters that did not provide her the time to give us the help this association needs moving forward. We as your board can’t thank Gina enough for her help and wonderful enthusiasm.

After a short search the Board is proud to announce that a long time Margate resident has stepped forward to become our new Secretary and Board member.

Please help us welcome Justin Abate to our board. We are very excited to  have Justin join us.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Our New Board Member”

  1. Hi Jay,

    We are a longtime Margate 2nd home-owner. Our driveway was broken by a builder next door, when they dig up the lawn they undermined our concrete driveway and then drove over it. The builder is refusing to take responsibility. The Margate inspector’s comment was “well, the builder lives in Margate.” Reading between the lines, since I’m not a full time resident I’m treated differently?! Aren’t my taxes equally valid? I am facing a $700 cost to replace a damaged section of driveway that is clearly new damage- I have before and after photos.

    I have since learned from other homeowners that our situation is not unique. Can the Margate Homeowners Association look into protecting homeowners from builders who are damaging neighboring properties? The city seems to be ambivalent here at best.

    1. I am so sorry. We had a problem with our association e mail and we just had our technician fix the problem.
      That is why it has taken us so long to respond.
      Your problem may require a civil action be taken by an attorney on your behalf. If the amount is below $15,000 I believe it is a small claims court matter. You can file the claim and the defendant MUST be represented by an attorney if you file against the builder both personally and the business. It will cost them more that the settling of the case.
      I wish it was just a case of the association speaking up on your behalf.
      However ,if we know the name of the builder I am sure they would not be happy with their name plastered all over Facebook as less than a reputable builder.
      If you would like to talk further please feel free to call my cell # 215-760-2869.

      Thank you so much for your support and a happy holiday and a healthy new year to you and your family.
      Jay I Weintraub

  2. Hi J,

    Thanks for your response. We sent the builder a certified letter (which he rejected) with a copy to the Margate building inspector. The building inspector has been aware of this issue for months, and we have provided before and after photos. The building inspector called me with the builder on the line to discuss this issue. Unfortunately, I missed the call, but in a subsequent call the builder said that he would “take care of the problem.” We are still waiting to see, with legal action still an option.

    We think that local builders get treated differently than others because they are residents while second homeowners are treated as second-class citizens. We have overheard conversations to this effect. I have been to City Hall on numerous occasions over the summer due to issues related to this project.

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